Results & Public Reports

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Results & Public Reports

Scientific publications​

Ziozas, N., Kitsopoulou, A., Bellos, E., Iliadis, P., Gonidaki, D., Angelakoglou, K., Νikolopoulos, N., Ricciuti, S., & Viesi, D. (2024). Energy performance analysis of the renovation process in an Italian cultural heritage building. Sustainability, 16(7), 2784.

Roman, O. V., Farella, E. M., Rigon, S., Remondino, F., Ricciuti, S., & Viesi, D. (2023). FROM 3D SURVEYING DATA TO BIM TO BEM: THE INCUBE DATASET. The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, XLVIII-1/W3-2023, 175–182.

Angelakoglou, K.; Chatzigeorgiou, E.; Lampropoulos, I.; Giourka, P.; Martinopoulos, G.; Nikolopoulos, N. (2023). Monitoring the Sustainability of Building Renovation Projects—A Tailored Key Performance Indicator Repository. Buildings13, 2046.

Kitsopoulou, A., Zacharis, A., Ziozas, N., Bellos, E., Iliadis, P., Lampropoulos, I., Chatzigeorgiou, E., Angelakoglou, K. and Nikolopoulos, N. Kitsopoulou, A., Zacharis, A., Ziozas, N., Bellos, E., Iliadis, P., & Lampropoulos, I. (2023). Dynamic Energy Analysis of Different Heat Pump Heating Systems Exploiting Renewable EnergySustainability15(14), 11054.

Apostolopoulos, V., Mamounakis, I., Seitaridis, A., Tagkoulis, N., Kourkoumpas, D., Iliadis, P., Angelakoglou, K., & Nikolopoulos, N. (2023). Αn integrated life cycle assessment and life cycle costing approach towards sustainable building renovation via a dynamic online tool. Applied Energy, 334, 120710.

Results & public reports

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