InCUBE envisions to unlock the EU renovation wave through cutting-edge standardised and lean integrated processes based on 4 key pillars of innovation.


New market entrants

New market players, and new funding from venture capital and private equity are transforming current business models. Innovation advancements will lead to the introduction of new entrants and novel business models that will allow for increased levels of collaboration and productivity.

InCUBE’s business innovations support new entrants through:

  • Renovation Marketplace for sharing information, knowledge and experiences
  • Novel Business Models including the formation of Renewable Energy Communities
  • Improve gender mainstreaming in the construction and energy sectors to smarten and accelerate systems, products and operations
  • Training Modules with best practices for upskilling the current and potential workforce

New Technologies and Materials

The introduction of new technologies and materials is a growing trend. New multifunctional solutions are emerging that focus on the operation of the entire building envelope.

InCUBE’s product innovations support the utilisation of new technologies and materials such as:

  • Envelope material solutions
  • Renewable energy generation solutions
  • Solutions for renewable energy storage
  • Advanced Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Solutions
  • Cross-Cutting Solutions




The use of digital tools in renovation projects, such as design, structural and energy analysis software as well as planning management software, is the norm in certain processes of the planning and design stage of a project.

InCUBE’s software innovations support the digitalisation of products and processes such as:

  • Supporting for 3D building modelling & Digital Twins
  • Enhanced energy assessment and integrated energy management
  • Dynamic life cycle evaluations & Decision-Making Tool optimising renovation planning
  • Ensuring enhanced workers safety and increased efficiency
  • Offering augmented next-generation training and assistance
  • Smart Building Energy Management Systems focussed on energy communities
  • Enhancing the optimal management of distributed renewable energy sources
  • Optimising workflow and construction & retrofitting works


Industrialisation refers to the automation and mechanisation of construction. Currently, this is mainly realised with robot-assisted offsite construction, “prefabrication” of large building elements and onsite assembly of these prefab elements.

InCUBE’s process innovations support the industrialisation of renovation through solutions for:

  • Off-site manufacture
  • On-site installation and automation
  • Circular construction

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