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Related projects
smart living epc


Greece, Cyprus, Estonia, Spain

The SmartLivingEPC project aims to introduce a comprehensive certification scheme using digitized tools and BIM literacy to assess both the building shell and systems, encompassing energy, sustainability, water consumption, noise pollution, and acoustics. This certification will be compatible with digital logbooks and building renovation passports, with a unique focus on applying it to building complexes for neighborhood-scale energy certification.
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Portugal, Greece, UK, Spain, Finland

SUREFIT aims to showcase the rapid renovation of existing residential buildings using environmentally conscious prefabricated technologies, reducing heat losses and energy consumption while increasing renewable energy use. This involves a systematic approach engaging key stakeholders in space heating, cooling, domestic hot water, lighting, and power generation, with a demonstration phase across five representative buildings in diverse European climates.
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Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland

The CHRONICLE project aims to enhance building performance for increased energy efficiency, comfort, and well-being. In collaboration with 18 partners across 8 EU countries, the project focuses on delivering a comprehensive framework to assess the life-cycle performance of various building types, supporting sustainable design through efficient renovation procedures and informed investment decision-making processes across 5 pilot sites in Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, and Switzerland.
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Greece, Cyprus, Germany

D^2EPC seeks to establish a new era of dynamic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for buildings by leveraging smart-readiness levels and robust data infrastructure. The framework incorporates operational data, employs the ‘digital twin’ concept to advance Building Information Modeling, and calculates innovative indicators, ultimately influencing the EPC classification based on energy, environmental, financial, and human comfort/wellbeing criteria.
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Spain, the Netherlands, Greece

The INPERSO project aims to provide inclusive, affordable, and sustainable renovation solutions adaptable to diverse climate zones, with a specific focus on residential and heritage buildings. This holistic program addresses challenges across the building lifecycle, incorporating considerations of digitalization, fragmentation, quality, efficiency, and rapidity within a human-centric framework.
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Greece, Italy, France, Hungary

The REHOUSE project seeks to optimize renovation processes, enhance occupant comfort, and promote integrated solutions for decentralized renewable energy generation. Over the next four years, it plans to develop and validate eight innovative renovation solutions across demo sites in Greece, Italy, France, and Hungary, potentially accelerating broader market implementation.
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