Start of Renovation Works at the Dutch Demo Site

Demolition robot being demonstrated inside a building hallway.
Demolition robot being demonstrated in the Van Heemskerck building.
17 April 2024

The renovation works at the Dutch demo site have officially started, marking an exciting milestone in the InCUBE project. The demolition activities, which began in April 2024, are proceeding right on schedule.

Start of Renovation Works at the Dutch Demo Site

Currently, installations, walls and doors are being removed from the ground up to the 6th floor. In addition to the conventional demolition methods, the first robotic solution has been deployed on site. The demolition robot by ARERobot was tested in a proof of concept, integrating BIM-technology for the first time.

picture of van wijnen sign outside building
Construction board at the Van Heemskerck building in Groningen.

Despite the challenges posed by limited space within the building, the deployment of the demolition robot has been a great success.

Next up is  the deployment of the drilling robot to further streamline our renovation efforts.

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