InCUBE Visits Housing Factory

people in orange safety vests
New Energy Coalition, WEBO and Van Wijnen at the Fijn Wonen housing factory.
24 October 2023

Dutch InCUBE partners tour the Fijn Wonen housing factory to see innovation in action.

InCUBE Visits Housing Factory

On October 25th, our Dutch partners – New Energy Coalition, WEBO, and Van Wijnen Groningen B.V. – were given a tour of the cutting-edge Fijn Wonen housing factory. This facility specializes in the construction of modular walls, floors, and facades, which are then expertly assembled on-site. This innovative approach significantly accelerates the pace of housing construction while simultaneously curbing costs and reducing waste streams.

The tour proved to be a valuable experience, providing our partners with firsthand exposure to this forward-thinking method of construction. Witnessing the seamless integration of modular components underscored the potential for revolutionizing the housing industry. The visit was marked by a palpable sense of inspiration and fascination.

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