Exciting Milestone for InCUBE Project: Municipal Grant Approved in Zaragoza

3D rendering of apartment block
3D illustration of the future design.
4 October 2023

Administrative council Zaragoza Vivienda has approved a 24.600€ per dwelling grant to the InCUBE Project.

Exciting Milestone for InCUBE Project: Municipal Grant Approved in Zaragoza

The administrative council of Zaragoza Vivienda has given the green light to a specific municipal grant for the InCUBE Project. This landmark approval, granted on the 29th of September, signifies a significant stride forward for the project.

The beneficiaries of this grant, the owners’ communities participating in the InCUBE Project at Valle de Oza, will receive a direct allocation of 24.600€ per dwelling. Managed entirely by Zaragoza Vivienda, this municipal grant underscores the Municipality’s unwavering commitment to the success of the InCUBE Project.

This move also serves as a strong assurance of the grant’s smooth progression, minimizing the possibility of any delays or complications. This development marks a crucial step toward the project’s realization, highlighting the harmonious collaboration between stakeholders and local authorities.

The InCUBE Project is poised for an even more promising future with this latest endorsement from the administrative council. This injection of resources will undoubtedly fuel progress and innovation in the development’s journey toward completion.

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