Webinar – Building Information Modelling: Transforming Renovation in the Construction Industry

Webinar – Building Information Modelling: Transforming Renovation in the Construction Industry

12 December 2023
Start: 14:30 hour
  /  End: 15:30 hour

We are delighted to invite architects, engineers, and construction professionals to join our upcoming webinar centered around the impact of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the construction industry.

Throughout the webinar, our esteemed partners, Estudio Metro7 SLP, Van Wijnen, and Fondazione Bruno Kessler, will introduce cutting-edge BIM solutions currently in development within InCUBE. These solutions are tailored to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities in building renovation, with a strong emphasis on enhancing (energy) efficiency, streamlining coordination, minimizing errors, realizing cost efficiencies, and ultimately, reducing environmental impact. We are eager to present our progress and demonstrate the game-changing potential of these approaches.

This webinar presents a distinguished panel of BIM experts sharing firsthand experiences, invaluable knowledge, and practical insights into successful BIM implementation.

Join us for an enriching session that promises to elevate your understanding of BIM and its transformative impact on construction projects. We look forward to your participation! 

Here you can find the registration link and the agenda.

Featured Speakers

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Beatriz Gimeno Frontera | CEO Architect at Estudio Metro7 SLP 

Beatriz Gimeno is an architect that combines a background on scientific research on buildings’ energy efficiency and life cycle assessment, with a current practical approach of her professional career. She currently leads an architectural firm that designs and builds based on innovation and sustainability.  

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Guillermo Martinez | BIM Director at Van Wijnen 

Guillermo has a background in Civil Engineering and has experience in BIM related projects. Guillermo works mainly with the output generated from the BIM models. Guillermo is a member of the InCUBE project and currently working on pointclouds and 3D models for the deep renovation of the Groningen demo site. 

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Elisa Mariarosaria Farella | Researcher at Fondazione Bruno Kessler 

Elisa Mariarosaria Farella has a PhD in Architecture and is currently a researcher at the 3D Optical Metrology unit of FBK. Her research interests span several application fields related to geomatics, 3D data acquisition and modelling at different scales, and AI solutions for data enrichment and processing automation.

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