InCUBE’s Online Exploitation Workshop

4 July 2023
  /  4 July 2023
Start: 14:30 hour
  /  End: 16:30 hour

We are delighted to invite architects, engineers and construction workers to an online exploitation workshop. This event will provide valuable insights into cutting-edge solutions aimed at transforming building renovation practices.

During the workshop, our consortium will present the innovative solutions that are being developed from the InCUBE project. These solutions include both innovative construction materials and a complete digital twin platform that follows the renovation process. They aim to address the challenges and opportunities in building renovation, with a focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, and overall environmental impact. We are excited to share our progress with you and showcase the transformative potential of these approaches.

In addition to the presentations, the workshop will provide a platform for interactive discussions and knowledge sharing among attendees. We value greatly your feedbacks on our work and innovation approach. This collaborative environment will enable participants to exchange ideas, perspectives, and best practices in the field of building renovation. We believe that your expertise and insights would greatly contribute to the success of this event.

Here you find the registration link and the agenda.

InCUBE’s Online Exploitation Workshop

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